The 24 Hour Junk Team Top Tips for Moving

Moving is one of life’s most stressful events. Especially for folks who have lived in the same home for many years, moving can be a time that is highlighted by nostalgia and sadness associated with saying goodbye to a place and sometimes people.

The 24 Hour Junk Team knows that moving can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled these tips to help you get organized so you’re ready to start fresh in your new home.

If You Never Use It, Lose It

You might say the 24 Hour Junk Team is too enthusiastic about junk removal, but we say we’re practical. If you have items around your home that you can’t remember using, have never used, or never intend to use again, junk it. Moving provides such a great opportunity to declutter. Try to organize your move right from the declutter phase. Go room-by-room and identify items that you don’t need anymore. Take extra time in storage spaces such as closets, basements, and attics – if you’ve got boxes of stuff that is all collecting dust, ask yourself if you really have the energy to move it. If the answer is no, the 24 Hour Junk Team can haul it away for you.

One Person’s Trash…

You know that saying – so remember, your trash may be another’s treasure. When you’re decluttering, don’t get attached to the idea that an item is still in good working condition. If you don’t need it, give it away. Consider holding a garage sale to move old clothing, toys, books, or furniture. Donations to local shelters or charities are also often accepted – especially for items such as blankets and warm coats. Or, if you’re not sure whether an item should go to landfill or for donation, let the 24 Hour Junk Team do the work. We are committed to ethical and environmental junk removal and we’ll organize your junk for recycling, donation, and landfill.

24 Hour Junk Team Moving Tips

Take Your Time

The final moving tip from our team at 24 Hour Junk is to give yourself lots of time. Packing, moving, and unpacking don’t need to be done in hurried fashion. When it comes to packing, you can often start several weeks in advance – pack up seasonal items, storage spaces, and spare rooms first. Gradually, you can pack up most rooms and just leave yourself the necessary items. Think of moving as preparing for a vacation, except in reverse. Instead of packing a few items to take on a trip, you’ll leave as few items unpacked as possible until moving day.

Don’t forget to label all your boxes because on moving day, you can deliver boxes to the relevant rooms to make unpacking a breeze. Again, start with the essentials and unpack in an organized and orderly fashion to make the work as easy as possible. And remember, the 24 Hour Junk Team is literally always available to help you remove old items – whether they are for landfill, donation, or recycling.