Spring Cleaning in the Fall with Professional Junk Removal

Spring is a season full of growth and rebirth.  Perhaps because of our association with a fresh, new start, we’ve culturally become accustomed to the concept of spring cleaning.

However, fall is also an important time to get organized at the end of a busy summer.  Plus, with the holiday season just around the corner, it is equally important to make space for gatherings and gifts.

This is why the team at 24 Hour Junk has prepared some tips for spring cleaning in the fall with our professional junk removal services.

Curating our Collections

Whether you undertake cleaning and clearing every year, every 5 years, or every month, you probably can admit that over time you collect things that you no longer use.  At the end of the summer and as the seasons change, it’s a great time to clear out old items and clothing that you don’t need anymore.  One of the best places to start de-cluttering is your closet.  Have you got spring and summer clothes that have seen better days?  Perhaps you bought some new clothes last season that you never had a chance to wear; or maybe you received gifts that you never intend to use.

Either way, it’s time to identify those pieces of clothing or other items that are taking up space and then get rid of items that are never getting used.  At 24 Hour Junk, we can help you sort your junk to ensure recyclable items are recycled, reusable items are reused, and junk is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner.

Preparing your Yard

At the end of summer, you are winding down your yard work.  It’s a great time to organize your yard and remove clutter.  Check all your summer items from barbecues and barbecue tools, outdoor pools and toys, hoses, garden equipment, and yard tools to ensure they are still in good condition.  Anything that looks like it needs to be replaced can be removed by our 24 Hour Junk team.

In the process of inspecting your yard, you’ll also have the opportunity to get things organized including your shed and garage.  Speaking of which, the fall is a great time to de-clutter storage areas too!

Fall Junk Removal

Don’t Forget the Office

Fall junk removal is not just a great idea for your home but for your office as well.  Twice annual reviews of office equipment and supplies, furniture, and fixtures allow you to identify items that are getting in the way so they can be removed by the 24 Hour Junk team.

Once again, we can help organize your junk into items that can be recycled or reused so that you minimize your environmental impact.  Remember, decluttering your office is a great way to promote improved workplace health and safety so that your office operates as efficiently as possible.

No matter what your junk removal needs, the 24 Hour Junk team is skilled, experienced, and customer-focused.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your fall spring cleaning.