Outdoor Spring Cleaning: It’s a Thing!

We probably all think about getting our homes organized when we think of spring cleaning, but outdoor spring cleaning is important too.

As the weather improves, we want to be able to use our outdoor spaces to their fullest potential and we want our yards and gardens to look their best. With that in mind, the 24 Hour Junk Team has some outdoor spring cleaning ideas that can transform your outdoor space so you can enjoy the most of the spring and summer weather.


Early spring is the obvious time to start getting your gardens and landscaping in order. Many avid gardeners are starting to remove debris, weeds, and dead plants from their yard and the 24 Hour Junk Team can certainly help clear out your greenery from tree trimmings and weeds to twigs, lawn cuttings, and everything in between.

Landscaping isn’t just about the plants, either. Sometimes there are old planters or pots, rusting tools, or outdated decorative features that you don’t want to look at anymore. Hiring professional junk removal services can help you get your landscaping in order so you can enjoy a beautiful and peaceful outdoor space.

Get Organized

If you’re anything like me, you have a vast collection of outdoor goodies – but are they organized? Taking stock of your yard and outdoor space including tools, toys, bikes, and barbecues is an important step in outdoor spring cleaning. In fact, you should take some time to organize and inventory all your outdoor items so you can easily decide what you want to keep and what needs to go. And remember, the 24 Hour Junk Team can help to sort your unused or unwanted items so that they are ultimately delivered to the right location – not all “junk” needs to go to landfill. Sometimes, what is junk to you is perfectly useful to another, so we make sure to deliver items to charity or second-hand shops, landfill, and even recycling centres as appropriate.

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Vancouver

Revitalize your Furniture

After the fall and winter, your outdoor furniture may be looking a little shabby. Spend some time cleaning or refinishing your furniture so it’s ready for another season in the sun. Plus, cleaning your patio furniture and barbecues can also help maintain them so they last longer. Inevitably, there comes a time when your outdoor furniture has seen better days, in which case your trusted junk removal team can come and take it away.

What’s in the Shed?

Is your shed overrun with items you no longer use? Outdoor spring cleaning time is the perfect time to get your shed in order. Clearing out junk from your shed can help you make the most of your space. Maybe you need somewhere to store your garden tools or maybe you want to create or reclaim a workspace. Clean out the junk and contact our team to take it away.

Outdoor Décor

Finally, you may feel like it’s time to create a more decorative outdoor space. Sometimes that means removing old decorative features to bring in some new style. For example, you may want to upgrade your outdoor lighting or even just replace the light bulbs. Consider other elements of your outdoor space like your deck and fence, too. If it’s time to refurbish these features, junk removal services can help to remove old or damaged wood after you’ve completed your repairs and renovations. Even if you’re considering building a new fence or deck, the 24 Hour Junk Team is your best friend because we’re experienced with construction clean-up too!

Spring is in the air! Don’t forget to get your outdoor space in prime condition so you can share it comfortably with friends and family.