Getting Organized for Back to School

It’s that time of year again – Getting Organized for Back to School is right around the corner and with many parents and kids off for a vacation last hurrah, now is a great time to get organized for back to school.  Whether you’ve got young children in their early years of school or teenagers on their way out, sorting clutter and removing old school books, toys, furniture, clothes, and other items helps everybody get prepared for another year of school.  But where do you start?  The 24 Hour Junk Team is here to help with tips for getting organized and to provide assistance in removing unwanted items.

Step 1: Engage the Kids…or Don’t

Removing old toys, clothes, games, and other items can be tricky when it comes to kids.  Some parents may find it’s easier to do away with junk when the kids aren’t around, whereas others fear the wrath of childhood emotions if they throw out the wrong items.  So, it’s probably easiest to get organized a little before you declutter.  Be mindful of the clothes and toys that your kids tend to use a lot – you can even start by putting some items away a few weeks before removal so that you’ll know if they even notice.  Additionally, one strategy many parents find successful is to ask kids which toys they don’t use anymore.  Choice is everything.  Of course, all those items that have been stuffed in a secret box somewhere, stained or tattered clothes, furniture that’s collecting dust – you’re pretty safe removing these.

Step 2: Is it Just a Pile of Junk?

We’re going to get real for a minute – for the most part, every one of us has a garage or closet or storage space that is crammed with things that haven’t seen the light of day in months or sometimes years.  Decluttering and organizing your space sometimes requires a shrewd attitude, but freeing up space can be a truly liberating experience.  Plus, the 24 Hour Junk Team is dedicated to principles of reduce-reuse-recycle – which means we can consult with our clients to advise them about whether items can be recycled or reused.  After all, your old sports equipment, toys, and furniture may be a welcome addition to many households.  Once you’ve decluttered your storage, you can use it for seasonal items including clothes, decorations, toys, and gear.

Step 3: Reorganize or Remove?

Sometimes a piece of furniture has served its purpose and its ready to go, sometimes it just need to be cleaned up or repurposed.  Ditto clothes, toys, and other items.  Ultimately, you want to assess the entire room that you are organizing – for example, a child’s bookshelf may not be suitable for a high school student; but, if you have older and younger children, some items may be perfect as hand-me-downs.  When you start getting organized, first sort through the items in a room and label things according to their next destination whether you are keeping them, trashing them, or handing them down.

Getting Organized for Back to School

Step 4: Feel Refreshed

Finally, when you are getting ready for back to school, you can freshen up a room by removing old curtains, rugs, posters, and pictures.  Especially as your kids get older, removing outdated decorative pieces can help transform a room while creating a fresher, brighter space.