Everything you Need to Know about Junk Removal

You’ve got junk so you just put it in the garbage, right?  Wrong!  Safe and effective garbage removal is our expertise at 24 Hour Junk Removal Vancouver and our team wants to help you understand everything you need to know about junk removal.

The following tips are designed to make junk removal quick and easy while also making sure that junk is disposed of properly.  If you have junk removal questions, we have the answers – so call us any time!  But, if you want to know some basic guidelines for junk removal, read on.

Local Regulations

Junk removal in the past was relatively straightforward – load up a truck and drive it to the local dump.  Fortunately, we’ve come a long way from the days of sending everything to landfill and we’re much more environmentally conscious.  That means there are municipal and provincial guidelines that regulate how to safely dispose of household and commercial items.  Everything from old paint cans and electronics to plastics, batteries, and everything in between will need to be sorted and disposed of appropriately.  Depending on how the items are handled, there may be different costs associated with disposal.  Fortunately, our crews at 24 Hour Junk Removal Vancouver know all the local rules and regulations around junk removal and we can sort and dispose of your items affordably.  Nevertheless, if you plan to remove you own junk, make sure to know your local regulations and sort your junk before you go to the dump to make the process as efficient as possible


Some people never consider the health and safety impact of junk removal.  Our professionals are always prepared to manage junk removal in a safe and healthy manner.  We make sure our loads are covered and tied down properly, and our professionals use appropriate footwear (steel-toe boots, gloves, and even masks) to mitigate any risk of injury and you should do the same.  We also recommend you use the right tools for the job – for larger items, you may want to break them down before disposal.  Once again, our team is well-suited for all commercial and residential junk removal tasks so if you’re feeling daunted, give us a call!

Everything you Need to Know about Junk Removal


Finally, always check to see if any of your items can be re-used before taking them to landfill.  Your old TVs and furniture may be valuable to somebody else.  Whenever we can reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, we’re doing something good for the environment and probably our community too.

24 Hour Junk Removal Vancouver not only sorts waste according to local regulations, but we identify items that local charities or second-hand shops may want or need.  We can help you remove junk conveniently, ethically, and in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible.