Detach to Reconnect

Especially for homeowners who have been in the same place for years or even decades, life has a way of piling up on us – literally. If you can relate to the experience of having TOO MUCH STUFF, you may find that you feel disconnected from your home. You may have low motivation, low mood, or even the feeling like “I need to get out of this place.” When you’re not feeling the love for your home anymore, it may be time to detach from some of those things so you can free some space in your home and your mind. So, how can you detach to reconnect with your home?

Manage that Overwhelming Feeling

Have you ever walked into your home, looked around, and felt simply overwhelmed? Do you have the constant sense that you are surrounded by clutter? You’re not alone. Over time, we all acquire things – those convenient gadgets that get used for a little while but then start collecting dust; the holiday gifts that we never needed or wanted but feel bad about throwing away; or how about those sentimental objects stuffed in the back of a drawer? Whatever the case, our connection to things is often the driving force behind clutter.

So, when it comes to managing that overwhelming feeling, you need to start small. Start with a drawer, a cabinet, or even a room – whatever you think you can manage easily. Then, let yourself be cutthroat – if you haven’t seen, considered, or used an item in months or years, allow yourself the freedom to let it go. Shelf by shelf, drawer by drawer, and room by room, you can clear your space and free your mind.

Reconsider and Repurpose

Another consideration to make when you want to declutter your space by disconnecting with your things is that not everything needs to go to the garbage bin. Many of the things you don’t need or want are perfectly useful to others. Whether you want to consider donating to a charity or second hand shop, you might find peace of mind in knowing that these items you’ve felt attached to are going to end up in another good home where they’re well-loved. Plus, by allowing your items to be used again, you’re making an environmental impact too! Reused items don’t end up in landfill and they also reduce the need for production.

Detach to Reconnect

Enlist Professional Help

Now, if you’re thinking it’s too much work to organize your junk and deliver it to different destinations, you’ll be happy to learn that professional junk removal services like those provided by the 24 Hour Junk Team will do that work for you. Not only do we collect your junk, we can identify what should be recycled, what can be donated, and what needs to go to landfill and we’ll make sure it gets to the right place.

Reconnect with your Home

Once your space is decluttered, you’ll be ready to reconnect with your home. That might mean making some updates to your décor through a new coat of paint or even some decorative accents, or it might mean simply enjoying a fresh, clean environment. However you embrace your decluttered home, know that you’ll feel more relaxed with your junk gone.